Practical experience of female hemorrhoid surgery

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Practical experience of female hemorrhoid surgery
Hemorrhoids patients are the most lovely. They are always willing to write their own treatment experience, which is beneficial to the next generation and has boundless merit. I have the operation experience of MM hemorrhoids here. If there are patients who need surgery, please refer to. (David Asher).
Media network is an attractive way to spend money, such as various small advertisements for hemorrhoids and doctors' problem-solving. Here, I would like to sincerely share with you my experience in hemorrhoids. Although I am not a doctor, my natural constitution is easy to get sick. I have summed up a lot of things over the years. David Asher, the term "10 population quality" in American TV news is not false. It's easy to regain it if you get hemorrhoids. This is inevitable. We can only eat, rest and exercise more. (David Asher).
Experts believe that hemorrhoids have three types: internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids. It's true, but in the eyes of ordinary people like me, hemorrhoids in my body should be very common. These are also two things. One is that the stool is dry and there is bleeding (except that the stool is too strong and the anus is broken), and the other is the mass such as granulation, meatball and tumor outside the anus, that is, the so-called thrombus and hemorrhoids. What these two hemorrhoids have in common is that the anus is harder than usual, itchy and dry.
Generally speaking, in the first case, hemorrhoids with stool bleeding should be observed for two or three days without medication first. It's best not to use drugs unless you have to. The medicine is three poisons. Not to mention dependence and patience. Don't eat spicy food, drink water, eat vegetables and fruits, rest, go to bed early and get up early, don't drink alcohol, don't drink coffee, don't eat angry food, and pay attention to cleanliness. With good luck, light hemorrhoids can be cured without countermeasures. After three days of defecation, buy Ma Yinglong or plug at the drugstore. It'll be all right soon. This hemorrhoid does not need to go to the hospital for surgery, nor does it need to go to the hospital. Some people think that if you enter the hospital gate, at least a few hundred yuan won't work? Moreover, this situation is not serious. It is as easy to treat as a small cold.
The second case, thrombus hemorrhoids, if the sarcoma is as large as peanuts, it is best to operate. Medication is hardly good. Please remember not to go to the anorectal Hospital advertised on the street or TV! Please remember! Anorectal surgery still needs to go to the local regular hospital. The operation is a minor operation. You can do it in five minutes. Don't be deceived by all kinds of advertisements. First of all, we can know which local hospital is a national or tertiary hospital, and hospitals with good surgical technology are preferred. Needless to say here, many hemorrhoids surgery advertisements advertise the word "minimally invasive", which looks very advanced, but in fact, all hemorrhoids surgery are minimally invasive. It doesn't hurt when you do it. For anesthesia. The days when the wound can't heal after the operation are more painful. In addition, there are many words, such as the introduction of XXXX advanced technology. Various charges will be encountered during the operation. I advise you not to believe it. It's a pay trick. Treatment may be delayed. In fact, there is only one way to do hemorrhoid surgery. After the injection of anesthetics, the thrombus was separated with a knife. After the thrombus was removed, the drug was loaded for disinfection and bandage.
Sister, the most painful time in my life is the recovery period after hemorrhoid surgery, just like having a child after experience. [William Shakespeare, Hamlet, life] more than 900 won was spent before and after the operation, operation cost of more than 450, medical cost, registration fee, drug price change, etc. in a regular hospital. It's cheap to do hemorrhoid surgery in a regular hospital today. It's more expensive and dark to go to the street soldier's yard, but you can do all kinds of money collection projects, fraud and aboveboard fraud. (William Shakespeare, Hamlet) at that time, I removed a blood clot the size of a bean. The procedure is like this. Defecate after enema. Then he took off his pants and lay in bed. The doctor injected three injections of anesthetic around the chrysanthemum. The needle hurt instantly. Then I removed the big thrombus without feeling anything for 3-5 minutes. (David Michelle, northern exposure, female) then the doctor filled the chrysanthemum with medicine. There are hemostasis and suppositories for hemorrhoids. Then put on gauze and I can pay in the field. The doctor said he prescribed me medicine. One is Swiss thiamine plaster, the other is to take a bath with traditional Chinese medicine from the hospital, and the other is to soften the stool with Ma Ren pill. None of these drugs are expensive. When I came home that day, the chrysanthemum was still painful after the anesthetic dispersed. At night, I took out the gauze stuffed inside and shed a small amount of blood. (William Shakespeare, Hamlet, the reader) defecate every day after surgery. The doctor said that spicy food should not be eaten for three months after operation. You'd better not eat noodles. This is really reliable.
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