Canton’s First Monday Trade Days

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First Monday Trade Days may be a popular event in East Texas, but that doesn't stop hundreds of thousands of people from traveling to Canton. for 4 days every month. It's open from Thursday to Sunday before the First Monday of each month, hundreds of vendors are on hand and offer a multitude of shopping options.

What started more than a century ago as an outdoor market has evolved into an ideal location for the top-of-the-line, modern furniture, antiques, and collectibles that can be seen anywhere. Over the past 150 years, lots of things have changed at it. Original First Monday Park; But the authentic, everyday personal relationships between sellers and buyers are what make people come back year after year.

The following are all of the 2021 First Monday Trade Days:

September 2nd - 5th

September 30th-October 3rd

October 28th-October 31st

December 2nd - 5th

According to The First Monday Trade Days website It is the oldest and largest continuously operating outdoor flea market on the United States.

According the folks in on the street, the idea for First Monday Trade Days started around 1850, when the circuit judge was able to travel to Canton on the 1st Monday of every month. The entire county came into the city to take part in court cases. In the past, residents brought their own belongings, whether it be produce, livestock or other pieces of originality, to sell or trade. Then in the year 1965 First Monday outgrew the city's Town Square so it was moved to the present day site. And that was the end of it...

First Monday Trade Days is made up of a variety of private sellers . The chances are, regardless of how many times there, you'll never get to see everything. The flea market is located across hundreds of acres that offer more than 700,00 square yards of shopping.

Attending First Monday is free, however, the majority of parking lots around the trade show grounds charge $5 to park.

You can visit the First Monday Trade Days website here.
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