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PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone),

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Hello, eribati ~ lovely and charming Akuma is coming up again!
Today, we didn't disturb those Eshan, acid and nicotinamide. Akuma, an anti-aging drug that brightens the skin, said she was very tired. The methods of gently wiping and covering yogurt were taught to everyone, but there were still many cute things that discouraged them. (David Ashe, North exposure)
No mild active ingredients? Huh? you 're right. As an expensive player with few shortcomings, no one can forget shengpeptide. (William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Hamlet) but the family of peptides is so large that their respective functions are so different that it is difficult to judge whether they are true or false. Today, Akuma also gave the master a peptide buff. Various peptide operations with different functions are for cost. Cute get what they want!
Peptide, also known as peptide or polypeptide, is an amino acid existing in human body, that is, protein. Two amino acids are dipeptides and three are tripeptides, which add up to more than gourd. Generally speaking, the smaller the molecular weight, the smaller the previous value, and the easier it is to be absorbed by the skin.
The effect is not as good as AI Shan, but it may take several months to see the route effect. But peptide is better than tenderness! Moreover, when used with specific ingredients, the effect will be doubled!
Peptides are expensive, bronze peptides are more expensive, and usually only appear on women's products. Besides, the effective time is still very long. Dad has to shake hands when ordering. So what is so valuable?
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